Taking into account the list of blogs we have nominated for the 2nd edition of the BTL Awards – Tourism Fair of Lisbon for the best Portuguese travel blogs, we selected the 10 best ones.

We leave you here the list of Portuguese travel blogs that you should follow if you are passionate about traveling, or if you are thinking of doing one in the near future and need inspiration.

1. Filipe Morato Gomes- It is called “a kind of professional traveler” and has already made two rounds to the world! In his blog he talks about a little bit of everything about the trips he has already made, his experiences and travel related matters. This blog won the Best Professional Travel Blog award at Blogger Travel Awards 2015. Visit your blog and let yourself be inspired! Visit here:

2. Travel with me- The blog is written by Susana Ribeiro, a journalist completely passionate about travel who decided to share her tastes and experiences in this space that is her blog. Journey with me was the public-elected winner of the Blogger Travel Awards 2015. visit here:

3. Travel between trips- At the BTL Travel Awards 2015 was voted the best personal travel blog. The authors of this blog are Carla Mota and Rui Pinto, a Portuguese couple. Carla is a geographer and does research on glaciers in Argentina. Rui is a physicist and works as a teacher in Portugal. In the last ten years, they traveled together, backpacking, the four corners of the world. Visit here:

4. I went for a walk- a blog where the author shares his travels and adventures around the world. Watch your travels and be inspired to make one yourself! Visit here:

5. Nelson Carvalheiro – The author shares with his followers his taste for travel, gastronomy and photography. Visit this blog and you will feel super enthusiastic and inspired for your next trip! Visit here:

6. Landscape Eaters- A blog where you talk about travel, unlikely places and recipes. Visit here:

7. My office is out there- The author, Carlos Bernardo, a lover of sports and travel, realized that he could unite his two passions. “The crossing, the route, the challenge, the exit from the comfort zone, diversity, Nature,” on the blog he shares his adventures. Visit here:

8. Crossing Worlds – The author, Ricardo A.M. Ribeiro, and in a relatively short space of time visited about thirty-five countries in just seven years. In this blog “About travel” he tells us everything. Visit here:

9. A photo, a story- The author, Gabriel Soeiro Mendes, created the blog in 2013, and after a few months, in 2014, won the BTL “Best Travel Photography Blog” award. Visit here:

10. Roadrunner – an inspirational blog where the author, anonymous, shares photographs of his trips through Portugal and abroad. Visit here: